Services – The Bespoke Balloon Service

The Bespoke Balloon Service Team are continuously seeking ways to evolve and stretch their creative ability by coming up with unique and exciting ways in which they can showcase their talent and love for balloons. This is done in a way, which integrates a couple of the company’s core values, fun and vibrant energy to make your special moment unique.


This service goes beyond the standard balloon in a box, as we think of your needs outside of the regular 9am – 5pm business hours. Whether it is a late night home delivery in time for an early morning surprise, or a restaurant delivery for an evening of private dining, our niche service is sure to meet your needs.


We specialise in the installation of balloon décor for your event, business, venue or space. In addition to this we also offer a one of a kind Balloon Installation Services in your home. Our team will create a design, which complements your home and event making the occasion unforgettable.

  • Special occasion restaurant / Hotel set up service

  • Business exhibition / Product launches

  • Photoshoots / Promo videos

  • Charity fundraisers

  • Design and supply for Private and Corporate events

  • Personalised message printing

  • Large sculptures / Window dressing service

  • Personal delivery drop off service to homes, restaurants, workplace etc

Making Balloons Extraordinary