Team – The Bespoke Balloon Service


Hi From Leonie

Leonie is the Founder and Head Visionary of The Bespoke Balloon Service. Drawing on her many years of business experience and passion for crafting aided the birth of the company. Leonie’s vivacious and spontaneous personality generates uncontainable excitement by the immeasurable impact balloons can have. Leonie loves grand, over the top balloon sculptures as they stimulate her wild imagination. Her expert skills set and attention to detail brings life to ideas allowing her to turn them into captivating designs. 

Zoe is The Bespoke Balloon Service’s Chief Operating Officer, she oversees the company’s relationship with our suppliers and clients. Her methodical approach and affable nature ensures our clients needs and expectations are always at the forefront of our designs. Although she is wowed by balloon sculptures and loves the elegance of Orbz, her favourite balloons are the Deco Bubbles due to their durability and versatility with the combination of other decorative elements makes them elegant, fun and unique.

Making Balloons Extraordinary